Check out all the available seminars being held across the country. These events will be the best stepping stone towards better quality of life. Are you finding ways to earn more income or are you looking to lead a healthier life?

Investments, properties and other seminars

There are all types of seminars that are designed to educate people with little or no knowledge of the trending issues. These seminars are among the best places for you to learn about such issues to stay ahead in competition to be updated with the latest developments in the market.

Bitcoins, self-motivation and health

Seminars are usually held throughout the year where you need to be in the know about when and where they are scheduled. Among the types of seminars you can expect are:

  • Bitcoins and what are your investment options
  • Leading a healthy life. How and what you need to do
  • Quit smoking and staying cigarette free

Latest Classified ad in Seminar & Webinars(bitcoins, property talk, coaching, investment, etc)


Selangor RM100.00

Promotion Price for New intake!!! ADULTS (Only RM 280 per month!!!)   ·         Oral Presentation ·         Public Speaking ·         Confidence

Internet of Things MasterClass

Selangor RM900.00

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), fed by sensors soon to number in the trillions, working with

Dewan Seminar Murah KL

Kuala Lumpur RM450.00

MadeByArtist Enterprise Kami menyediakan dewan seminar untuk disewa dengan harga yg murah di kl. Alamat kami:1st Floor Shop Unit,No 19