This is where you will find a comprehensive range of machinery products to choose from.

Ranging from automation tools to factory machines, you can find almost anything if you are in manufacturing, production and sectors that require specialized instruments.

This includes tools like Measurement & Analysis Instruments, Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services, Rubber & Plastics, Printing Materials, and Service Equipment as well as in packaging. Apart from that, business-related services and equipment like fax machines, printers, paper shredders can be found here too.

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Service Provider for Foreign Worker Insurance Renewal

Selangor RM30.00

We are service provider for foreign worker insurance renewal. We will save your time & money for the renewal process.

Income Pasif Seumur Hidup

Kuala Lumpur RM0.00

 FISH…! Formula Income Seumur Hidup. 100% online. Tak perlu ada produk sendiri. Tak perlu bina laman web. Hanya kongsi link,

TOPDRY Container Desiccant H750

Johor RM1.00

TOPDRY Container Desiccant H750   TOPDRY container desiccant H750 based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture quickly


Johor RM1.00

TOPDRY CONTAINER DESICCANT H500 (500g)   Product Introduction:   TOPDRY container desiccant H500 is a small specification pack designed with


Johor RM1.00

TOPDRY DRYPOLE DESICCANT P1000   IS YOUR CARGO DRY?   TOPDRY container desiccant P1000 is one new design product, its

TOPDRY Container Desiccant H1000

Johor RM1.00

  TOPDRY Container Desiccant H1000   TOPDRY container desiccant H1000 is a standard specification of our shipping container desiccant. With


Johor RM1.00

TOPDRY BLANKET DESICCANT B2000 Is your cargo suffering from moisture damage? No space for operating desiccant packs? The answer is here—TOPDRY

TOPDRY Blanket Desiccant MB2000

Johor RM1.00

TOPDRY Blanket Desiccant MB2000 Is your cargo suffering from moisture damage? No space for operating desiccant packs? The answer is


Johor RM1.00

TOPDRY DESICCANT S10   TOPDRY container desiccant S10 is the minimal sachet of TOPDRY desiccant lines, which is effective in controlling moisture

Cake Making And Cake Decorating Shop For Sale

Kuala Lumpur RM895,916.89

Harold Krusty’s also known as Celebration Cakes is a cake making and cake  decorating shop in 10 Jalan P. Ramlee

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