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TOPDRY Container Desiccant H1000


TOPDRY container desiccant H1000 is a standard specification of our shipping container desiccant. With a larger proportion and more adsorbent materials, it extracts water vapor quickly from the air, thus preventing the humidity inside the container reaching dew point and condensing. Once water vapor has been absorbed, the desiccant turns to gel and the water is retained by binding agents.




TOPDRY container desiccant H1000 is used especially for protection of cargoes transported by sea, air and land, protectiing coffee, tea, cocoa beans, sugar, spices, steel, machinery, flowers, potato seed, aluminium and many other products against moisture damage (USAGE INSTRUCTION).



Product specifications:

Weight: 1 kg

Size: Length: 880 mm / Width: 160 mm / Depth: 15 mm

Packing: 14 pieces per carton

Working temperature: –20° C to +80° C

Absorbing medium: Calcium chloride (CAS registry number 10043-52-4)

Absorption capacity: Up to 2 liters


DMF free—RoHS compliant—REACH compliant



* Customized sizes also are available. Wanna to get more informations? Please contact us now.





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