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The iPhone is perhaps the one mobile device that single-handedly changed the world. It was announced by the late Steve Jobs in 2007 and the rest was history. In 2007, Jobs announced that the iPhone will ‘reinvent the phone’ and it did. That was what the iPhone was all about. Speculations and all types of reports surfaced months before the revolutionary device was shown to public.

Refurbished iPhone  – This was the first model that will change how people live forever. It came with a 3.5-inch multi-touch capacity screen that used metal, plastic and glass. The trademark ‘home’ button would become an icon it is today. It took some time to get used to, but once the user did, it became a permanent fixture.

Refurbished iPhone 3G
– This was the second model to be launched. It was a major shift that came with a new plastic rear and had GPS and more apps. There was no change to the home button but a more curvy edge to it.

Refurbished iPhone 3GS – This looked similar to the iPhone 3G but with a more refined text on the model. The main change here was in its speed while it came with a 3-megapixel camera. Perfect for video recording, it came with voice-recognition ability.

Refurbished iPhone 4 – This was seen as another major shift to the iPhone. Using a combination of glass and stainless steel, it looked very different from the 3GS while Apple introduced the FaceTime-capable front camera. Retina display was introduced in this model.

Refurbished iPhone 4S – Apparently, the 4S was like an upgrade which was why it looked almost the same as the iPhone 4. It enhanced its service that came with an improved processor. Besides that, Siri was integrated and it came with an 8-MP camera.

Refurbished iPhone 5 – The iPhone 5 came with an aluminum design with a 4-inch display. It would be the thinnest and lightest model yet which came with HD FaceTime and introduced the lightning connector.

Refurbished iPhone 5C – Designed with a plastic-clad rear, it was cheaper than the iPhone 5 which many thought was a budget model.

Refurbished iPhone 5S – For the first time, the Home button was given a makeover that came with fingerprint Touch ID.

Refurbished iPhone 6 – This is the latest model that came with a 4.7 inch display with Retina HD and a more sleek design.

Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus – This model is the largest iPhone to date that came with 5.5 inch display. This had an 8-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization features.

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