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10 Jalan P. Ramlee Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Harold Krusty’s also known as Celebration Cakes is a cake making and cake 

decorating shop in 10 Jalan P. Ramlee Kuala Lumpur. Successful with a loyal customer base. At present the  business offers handmade celebration cakes to order including wedding cakes,  birthday cakes and novelty cakes. The shop location is in the busy shopping area of Kuala Lumpur,  with ample parking and good footfall. The shop stocks all types of cake decorating, accessories and equipment including, sugar-craft materials and equipment for edible printing. All of the equipment and stock is included in the sale of  the business. The sale on the shop is currently only $210,000 and benefits from  small business rate relief from Albany & Newark. Three one of accountants and  viewings available on request. 

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