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kuala Lumper

The Armored Nissan Patrol with all ict ruggedness is a legendary off-roader. Nissan Patrol is beautifully designed.

Offering ballistic protection to Level B6 CEN, for safety and security Gives a different dimension and edge. Nissan Patrol is the most Powerful and fastest SUV in the category. One can also go ahead and update it with the 7 speed automatic transmission, manual mode and synchronized rev control and enjoy unmatched driving pleasure. One of ict kinds, Nissan Patrol Gives for ict price.


• Protection and Practicality

• Various protection levels from handguns to assault rifles.

• 5 Run-flats Wheel

• Protected Fuel tank

• Protection and Battery ECU

• Upgraded suspension

• Certified Ballistics Steel & Glass

• Full Seating Capacity
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