is an online Internet auction and trading portal that offers variety of items and products for sale including antique, software, handphone, electronic gadgets, houses, cars, computers and even sports equipment. Basically, you can get everything under one roof, so look no further as is you answer to get desired items at affordable rates.

The homepage design is rather clean and organized with latest featured items published in the middle while top of the page features navigational links. Users can easily check out items for sale by selecting one of the categories listed under the column.

However, first look at the website gave me the impression that the portal has more advertisements than serving users’ need. Ads are posted on left and right side of the homepage. Besides, plain background definitely conjures up items for sale but with so much of ads on both sides, somehow it has distracted my view instead.

But overall, I find the boxes are organized appropriately according to categories for ladies and also quick auction for users. As a first time visitor to, I’m comfortable with the navigation. I particularly like the border of each box as users can easily differentiate the categories without straining their eyes.

You may notice that users are often bombarded with unnecessary information with most of the auction portals but has done a great job in minimizing the information published on homepage. I’m pleased with the loading time for each particular page since it wasn’t affected with a number of images presented in every category.

However, the logo for is not appealing making it hard for users to remember the site for a second visit. Since the page is bombarded with excessive ads, even though the logo was created with numerous colours, it failed to stand out from the rest of the ads.

If you are looking for an item at an affordable rate, then is definitely an ideal portal to look for a solution. The site is easy to navigate and I’m satisfied with the content but I have to admit that the plain background used is rather dull and boring. I do realize that the plain background is meant to enhance the ads published in homepage but why not separate the ads and post it on other pages? Webmasters may change the layout in terms of colour on the homepage to attract more visitors.

As one of the most visited portal in the country, perhaps the best approach to draw more visitors while retaining current surfers is to ensure the homepage looks stylish and elegant. Therefore, audience will understand that the website is trying to present itself as a reliable and trustworthy portal. To make it a top website to visit, functionality and good design are the major reasons to draw traffic to the portal. So far, navigational bars in the website are functional but what about the design?